Friday, November 6, 2009

What would i do if I was given my death notice????

What would I do if I was given my death notice due to a terminal illness??? This idea comes from the news that I learned this week of my uncle who just found out he has cancer, and it has spread throughout his body and brain. He has since been transferred from the hospital to a nursing home to hopefully gain enough strength to sit around and wait to die.
I thought to myself what would I do, I know I would not be happy going to a nursing home, I hope to never end up in a nursing home, no matter how old or decrepit I get. If I had a terminal illness I think I would go ahead purchase a large amount of blow, a couple of hookers and go out having one hell of a time; just kidding, but I'm sure it would be a lot of fun. Instead I think I would take a piece out of the Christopher Mccandless book and go on an adventure into the wild, but unlike Mccandless though I would go there not come back. I would pack my gear, bid farewell to my friends and family and away I would go into the wilderness to survive. What away to go out, plus it would be rather cost effective for both myself and my family.

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