Sunday, August 23, 2009

a week into summer vacation...

So I am a week into my summer vacation, after once again having my job in the roofing business eliminated. I am beginning to think that going into the roofing business was not such a wise choice for me. This has caused me to seriously consider changing fields, I still have opportunities in my field, but I am unsure I should pursue them, or maybe I should in order to continue to work, and at the same time begin to look at a new career. My former boss has asked that I move to Texas to work with him down there in the storming business, with promises of making large amounts of cash. I believe I am going to turn him down because of one thing I have learned in my time since college and that is not to move somewhere because of a job, but to move somewhere because you want to be there and the job will follow. I love the the Northwest and I believe I don't have to move somewhere else to find work and happiness. Or maybe I should say forget the real world job and go back to Hawaii to work at a golf course and live on the beach. That would be great!!!!

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