Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yesterday while in the gym pumping up the guns, rockin' out to some Clutch on the headphones (which I really would like a new pair, with Christmas coming up; hint, hint) I wanted to listen to "Electric Worry" one of my favorite songs, but I was extremely disappointed to not find it on my Zune, I had every other Clutch song on there, but no the one I wanted to listen to. So today I went to my favorite Zune website to see if they had it, and of course the only album they did not have available was the one with the song I wanted on it. Then I went to amazon to see if I could get it from them, but the only version they had was a live version, which is the same as what Zune did not have available to me. What am I to do, I would prefer to have a studio version, not a live version, does anyone out there know where I can get a studio version of this song???

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